Solar Off Grid – Solar 24/7

Standalone Power Supplies (SAPS) or off grid solar systems with battery storage and generator (optional), generates and supplies electricity 24/7 to homes, farms and businesses that are not connected to the national electricity grid.

It is essential that off grid systems are sized, designed, maintained, perform and produce power according to the needs of the site, especially as these sites are often remote and are not connected to the grid.

We design install and maintain systems from the ground up or upgrade and retrofit existing systems for expansion or replacement.

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An off grid solar system we designed and installed in 2015, with battery storage and back up generator, in beautiful Southern NSW. Ensuring the owner with years of 24/7 100% solar off grid power, and delivering a CAPEX saving of $40,000+ and added $60,000+ to the property value!  “An absolute pleasure”.

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We love the before & afters of the solar wind revolution as do our people. Complete house rewire & design & install of a best in class 24/7 off grid solar system. $80,000+ value add to the property at a fraction of the cost, power to the people! 



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