Solar Grid Connect

Solar grid connect systems for homes or business are a proven and cost effective way to reduce your electricity bills and operating costs.

We use the best practices and products globally, and custom design, install and maintain each system because every system and site is unique.

Solar grid connect  (battery ready) system – A grid connect solar system with an inverter that is ready for battery storage in the near future. Contact Us!

  • We ensure best results, competitive prices, and design and install your system specific to your needs, budget and energy profile.
  • We can facilitate finance and leasing packages that best suit your budget or balance sheet to optimise your financial return.
  • For large commercial clients we consult and implement energy management and peak shaving systems to dramatically reduce your operating costs and improve profit margins.


7KW / 3 phase grid connect system NSW. A great build finish on an architecturally designed home & another ecstatic client!

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“We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun…you don’t have to do anything…it shows up every day…and it produces ridiculous amounts of power”. – Elon Musk Tesla Energy